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BESTPRACTICE. We believe in a very practice training founded on experience. For this reason “BestPractice Visit” are an essential part of our training offer. The visits are composed in lesson “in the classroom”,

in which we describes the path undertaken by the company towards operational excellence, in a visit to gemba, and finally in an open discussion in which we can exchange impressions about the experiences,

investigating what went well, but also what went wrong. In the Lean culture the problems are opportunities for improvement. The Best Practice Visits can be carried out in Italy and, thanks to the international presence of Staufen, in other parts of Europe and the World.

LEAN AS A STRATEGIC WEAPON. Our mission is to become the partner of reference for companies that want to increase their competitiveness through the application of Lean Thinking. We have understood that, in addition to be the partner of the companies during successful transformation projects, we have to work closely with Top Managers to increase the level of confidence in the potential of Lean Thinking , and the level of understanding what it is and what challenges lay a successful Lean Transformation. It is a big investment that we belive is necessary for create a basis for a “turnaround” that gives visible results on the income statement. For further information: