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Via Torino, 19 29010Calendasco (PC) Ph: +39 0523 769849 Fax: +39 0523 760315 Ingranaggi Cuscinetti The quality department is divided in two sections: Materials checking Section The material checking section is responsible to follow the metallurgical tests on the raw material and the individual components. Destructive tests with execution of micrographs, macrographs and control of the chemical composition of the material Non-destructive testing: by means of ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, micro- hardness measurements and magnetic particle inspections. Testing Section The testing section, following the procedures outlined in the Quality Manual, is responsible for performing geometric and dimensional checks during all phases of the production cycle. The calibration of measuring instruments to carry out the checks, is performed with the aid of a calibration bench SIT. Check structural finite element method (FEM) Faro is able to provide its clients with a verification of finite elements of the structure of the bearings to analyze the stress state of a component given a certain load.

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Via Torino, 19 29010Calendasco (PC) Ph: +39 0523 769849 Fax: +39 0523 760315 Ingranaggi Cuscinetti Combined bearing with plate Track rollers NUTR type Track rollers NNUPR type Cam followe rs NUKR type Roller bearings for corrugators Roller bearings for corrugators Special plates can be suppiled upon request

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Via Torino, 19 29010Calendasco (PC) Ph: +39 0523 769849 Fax: +39 0523 760315 Ingranaggi Cuscinetti Standard bearings Combined bearings for high speed Adjustable bearings Adjustable bearings of large dimensions Adjustable bearings with eccentric pin - Jumbo Radial bearings with pin Special bearings can be suppiled upon request

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Via Torino, 19 29010Calendasco (PC) Ph: +39 0523 769849 Fax: +39 0523 760315 Ingranaggi Cuscinetti History It was born in the early 80s as a commercial company. In 1984 Faro merges with another company in the industry to produce special bearings becoming SpA. In 1989, with the management of new members and with the increase of capital began expanding. In 1995, the pressing demands of the market have fostered integration with another qualified company in the technology of manufacturing processes allowing the doubling of the turnover. Over time implemented a program of total refurbishment of machinery equipment by inserting more and more modern and technologically advanced machines. In 1997 It was made a doubling of the capital, this operation has allowed us to finance the move to its new headquarters, which was made with special attention to rationality in the dislocation of business functions. The part production and inspection covers an area of about 4000 square meters. And is joined to the body offices spread over two floors. In 2003 the merger FARO and INDI 2005 certification iso 14001 Thanks to the investments made in recent years, both in the production department and in the quality control department, Faro has directed his interests towards new application areas, which require large bearings. Production Faro is specialized in the manufacture of radial, axial and slewing bearings up to 6000 mm. Thanks to the technical consultancy service and the experience gained over the years, Faro is the solution for users and manufacturers who do not find an answer to their technical issues [...]

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It is a difficult task to concentrate in a few lines the glorious history of Carl Zeiss: in more than 160 years of technical excellence, through economic crises and boom times, overcoming world wars, empires sunsets, the separation and reunification of Germany,