BREVINI POWER TRANSMISSION S.p.A. – Planetary track and wheel drives

  • Mechanical Transmissions

Planetary track drives

These compact planetary track drives are specifically designed for tracked vehicles: excavators and earthmoving machines. They have a heavy-duty casing, a short overall length, and great radial and axial load capacity. They have an integral multidisc failsafe brake and can be installed directly on hydraulic motors.

11 Sizes

Output torques up to 170.000 Nm

Ratios 16 … 198

Planetary wheel drives

Compact planetary wheel drives are designed for self-propelled vehicles with hydraulic transmission. Thanks to the wide ratio range, there is a solution for any type of hydraulic transmission. The manual declutch system can disengage the gear unit from the motor for emergency towing. Several different braking systems (drum, negative-type multidisc, failsafe parking brake) ensure the versatility of this range of Brevini products.

9 Sizes

Output torques up to 10.000 Nm

Ratios 8,33 … 49,5