CAMOZZI S.p.A. – A commitment to excellence

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  • Valves
  • Various Equipment
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  • Air Conditioning Units
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  • Measuring Instrumentation
  • Vacuum Components


The Fluid control division of Camozzi designs, develops and assembles solutions which integrate mechanical, pneumatic and electronic components to control fluids, liquid and gas.

INDUSTRIAL SOLUTIONS: the control and regulation of fluids, both in liquid and gaseous , requires increasingly sophisticated and technically advanced components as the applicazionts become more and more demanding:

– Micro_controls   – General purpose   – Process: control & regulation.

LIFE SCIENCE SOLUTIONS: Camozzi provides customers with components, expertise and experience to help them produce medical devices:

– Biotechnology – Medical device.

Our Mission is to provide complete Solutions for pneumatic movement, designed and realized to satisfy the needs of each single customer, focusing on innovation, operative efficiency and total quality.
Camozzi’s experienced technicians allows us to offer special solutions:

– Pre-assembled kits: highly reliable solutions, ready to perform

– Special products: compact integrated customized Technical solutions

– Control cabinets and systems: quality of components, the Strength of the System.