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In the global economy companies must enhance  their capability to develop technology thereby enabling them to continuously create additional customer  value. For producers of automation components  this means  making further advancements in mechatronics,  electronics and fluid power solutions as demand  for such technologies is anticipated  to grow over future decades.

At Camozzi we firmly believe that the innovative process is most effective when applied on a continuous  basis in collaboration with research, training, organizational and technological development, and the attainment of these goals should not distract from the environment,  workplace safety, human resources development and social commitment.

Motion & Control: moving while constantly controlling performances and precision of the entire system. This is the target that Camozzi pursues,  proposing complete systems in which mechatronic integration of components  also includes sensors and diagnostics. The development of the main communication  protocols, remote control combined with the most advanced pneumatic  technologies allow to obtain maximum efficiency from every work unit or system.

Proportional Technology: Camozzi’s proportional technology enables the control of air pressure and flow in a quick and precise way so that the cycle times of production machinery can be reduced whilst also utilizing less compressed air leading to a saving in energy.

Miniaturization: the general market trend is towards miniaturised mechatronic components which are capable of several functions. For example, pilots for solenoid valves are benefiting from miniaturisation as they become progressively smaller. Camozzi is following these technological trends closely and is focusing on future product developments to ensure success.