Carl Zeiss S.p.A. – Accura

  • Industrial Metrology
New Carl Zeiss ACCURA: the answer to many requests.

Carl Zeiss developed the new 3D coordinate measuring machine ACCURA, a multi-sensor system that allows users to configure the instrument to fit several needs, choosing for example, according to the current task, sensors or software. In fact, in addition to CALYPSO®, the CAD-based, measurement standard software from Carl Zeiss, other special programs can be integrated.
The bridge element shows a new and effective insulation, through the use of an innovative foam material (FI technology, an acronym for Foam Insulating). With a minimum thickness, the housings ensure independence from temperature and, consequently, the required accuracy, even in production. The new ACCURA can operate with the same precision at different temperatures between 20 and 26 ° C, freely selectable.
The machine is available in four different sizes, which provide a large volume inspection, even with integrated probe magazine.