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Carl Zeiss: Quality measurements, by all means.

It is a difficult task to concentrate in a few lines the glorious history of Carl Zeiss: in more than 160 years of technical excellence, through economic crises and boom times, overcoming world wars, empires sunsets, the separation and reunification of Germany, Carl Zeiss has played an essential role in the history of economic development of key industries of Europe, such as Bosch, Daimler and Siemens. Since the creation of the first coordinate measuring machine in 1973, to the recent introduction of Computer Tomography with METROTOM®, Carl Zeiss offers a high quality Metrology, which is essentially based on four pillars: the Coordinate Measuring Machines, a reliable service network, next generation software and wide service range of offers.
The product portfolio consists of bridge type measuring machines and gantry and horizontal arm machines, instruments for detection of shape, contour and surface. But to get the highest quality something more is needed: third party measurement, consulting and planning, and in these fields a Carl Zeiss has a unique experience.
In Italy since 1948 with the Division of Ophthalmic Optics, Medical and Microscopy, Carl Zeiss Industrial Metrology Division has opened in Italy in 1986. In 2004 Carl Zeiss Quality Services srl joined the Group, with its three Measuring Houses, to offer, in addition to measurement services, assistance and consultance on software applications from other vendors, since last year also measurement solutions in the field of industrial metrotomography.