Carl Zeiss S.p.A. – Duramax Gear

  • Industrial Metrology
With Duramax Gear, Carl Zeiss Takes Gear Measurements Directly To The Shopfloor

DuraMax Gear allows rapid measurement of small gears in series and directly in the production line. DuraMax with the CAD software CALYPSO® and the Gear software and GEAR PRO is capable of handling all the changes in a fast, simple and understandable way. DuraMax is able to perform any measurement, whether of distances, angles or diameters, roundness or straightness, number of holes or bends. DuraMax shows high stability over a wide temperature range, between 18 and 30 ° C. The MPE values are expressed in relation to the ambient temperature of 2.4 + L/300 μm in the range 18-22 ° C and 2.9 + L/200 μm in the range 18-30 ° C; in its category it’s a pioneer. In addition, DuraMax Gear is compact and allows you to load the pieces very easily on four sides. Duramax does not require compressed air so it can be moved quickly; it’s ready for use, simply after being plugged in!