Carl Zeiss S.p.A. – Gear Pro

  • Industrial Metrology
GEAR PRO, cad-based gear wheel software.

Used together with Calypso, the GEAR PRO line enables you to inspect spur gears, bevel gears and worms. GEAR PRO generates a CAD model of the gearing from the geometry definition. The graphic display allows operators to quickly and visually check their input values. A standard measurement can be performed immediately based on the definition of the geometry.
All GEAR PRO programs feature the same easy-to-use interface. Gear measurements can be started either automatically from a Calypso measure plan or manually in the corresponding GEAR PRO program.
The Analytical 3D gear tooth model and the graphic-supported input windows make measuring with GEAR PRO highly effective. The software enables measurements with or without a rotary table. Several measuring runs can be defined per measurement plan and features can be turned on and off.
An optional QS-STAT interface is available for statistical evaluation.