Carl Zeiss S.p.A. – Metrotom

  • Industrial Metrology
METROTOM, the revolution in metrology

Carl Zeiss raises once again the standard in measurement technology.
The Metrotomography, or the synthesis of metrology and tomography, opens horizons so far unknown to the industrial metrology: where up until now only external or destructive controls were possible, e.g. on details of complex internal geometries, it is now possible to test with a complete, accurate and above all, non-destructive procedure.
With METROTOM it’s possible to detect both the external and the internal part of a piece: the information collected is available to meet all the requirements of quality control.
Possible applications are: from the analysis of porosity defects to the test of geometric and dimensional checks on individual components, from non-destructive testing during the assembly to reverse engineering on specific unknown or modified pieces