DMG MORI ITALIA S.r.l. – Gears make the world turn


Gears make the world turn: from the automotive industry, to the shipbuilding up to energy technologies. The need for gears is widely spread as much the market of this machining. DMG MORI stands as a 5-axis machine supplier for the production of rotating gears and complete shafts. The development of DMG MORI machine tools and services results from a constant dialogue with the users. To foresee future requirements is necessary to establish a dialogue with the associations representing the users.

Associations that are responsible for analyzing the current trends to improve production and supply methods to be competitive. The joint effort of DMG MORI and user groups, as ASSIOT, had open discussion toward the possibility to create gears using non-conventional processes, which differ from those traditional methods that use dedicated machine tools. The dialogue started on the added value of DMG MORI’s technologies compared to the classic methods. From this comparison a complete package for the efficient production of different gears with any toothed profile in steel, soft and hardened, has been created on standard universal machines.