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TNC 640 in the process chain

The control takes a central position in the process chain. It is the last data processing link in digital order handling before the machine transforms digital bits and bytes into mechanical motion, swarf and the desired workpiece. During the production at the machine, a wide variety of additional data and information are generated that are needed elsewhere along the process chain. All these details need to be continuously updated and made available to all working steps involved in the manufacturing process.

To ensure that a CNC is able to fulfill the functions within digital order handling in any company, it has to be adaptable to the existing process chain. As processes are subject to changes, the CNC also has to be open to modification and further development.

With its future-oriented software platform, the TNC 640 is well-placed to meet all these requirements. It offers machine operators a high level of support in performing a wide variety of tasks. This ensures short response times. Even the standard features of the TNC 640 provide access to the manufacturing process data right at the CNC through a CAD viewer, a PDF viewer and the Mozilla Firefox web browser. Viewing with the browser requires no separate program installation. The operation of web-based documentation software or ERP systems is just as possible here as access to the e-mail inbox.

Option 133 REMOTE DESKTOP MANAGER provides an expanded solution for integrating the TNC 640 into the process chain. The push of a button on the control keyboard is all it takes to switch between the CNC screen and the screen of a Windows PC. It can be a computer in the local network or an industrial PC (IPC), such as the HEIDENHAIN IPC 6641, in the machine’s electrical cabinet. The key combination for switching the screens is user-selectable and can be defined in the settings of the TNC 640.

From the CNC, machine operators can directly access all data processing systems in the process chain. All the usual applications, e.g. for managing, documenting and visualization, can be simply operated and used right on the TNC 640.