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  • Automation and control systems
  • Instrumentation

ECA 4000 absolute angle encoders:

  • High graduation accuracy
  • Very high signal quality (interpolation error: 0,15%)
  • Drum outside diameter: 104 mm to 331 mm
  • Drum with three-point centering
  • Scanning head with IP 67 protection
  • Interfaces: EnDat 2.2
    Fanuc (for αi and α mode)
    EnDat with incremental signals (special version only for dual-head offset calculation with EIB 16×2)
  • Binary number of position values per revolution for all diameters
  • The mounting tolerances are rather large. Thanks to integrated signal amplitude control, variations in the scanning gap cause only negligible change in the signal amplitude and the diagnostic values. The high signal quality remains unaffected to a large extent

RCN 2000, RCN 5000 and RCN 8000 series angle encoders

  • Typically used with rotary tables, tilting tables, for positioning and speed control, measuring tables
  • Optimized scanning with large scanning surface for absolute track (serial code structure) and incremental track (single-field scanning and optical filtering)
  • Large mounting tolerances thanks to optimized stator coupling with improved torsional rigidity and revised shaft seal
  • Plug-in cable with quick disconnect
  • Scanning and evaluation electronics for a large power supply range and additional monitoring and diagnostic capabilities