IPR MACCHINE S.r.l. – The benefits of an innovative fluid management

  • Gears
  • Mechanical Transmission

Oelheld GmbH has built its success on a continuous innovation aimed at producing high-tech lubricants with a careful quality control. This is the reason why the main machine tools manufacturers started a very close cooperation with Oelheld GmbH.
An optimal surface finishing is attainable with the grinding oil DiaGrind 535/15, thanks to the superior quality of the basic oils and additive package. The best possible cooling and lubricating ability machining with DiaGrind 535/15 lead to minimum risks of burns and scraps on the finished workpiece. Therefore, today this grinding oil is successfully used all over the world both in gear grinding and hobbing applications.

Using DiaGrind 535/15, will be greatly reduced:

  • the tangential force required for processing
  • the heating of the workpiece during machining
  • the grinding wheel wear