MOTOMECCANICA S.r.l. – Company

  • Mechanical Trasmissions
  • Transmission Elements
  • Linear Systems

MOTOMECCANICA has been designing, manufacturing and marketing reduction units since 1957. Our products include a standard line with parallel and right-angle shafts ranging from 200 daNm to 100000 daNm. MOTOMECCANICA is expert at manufacturing special reduction gears according to customers’ specifications. Constant attention paid to customer’s application problems has led to progressive product renewal and improvement. MOTOMECCANICA reduction gears are designed to be modular and standardised to guarantee high reliability, plus faster delivery times at controlled costs. The company’s ISO 9001 certified quality system guarantees that all the processes are studied and controlled to ensure the required quality level.
Since 2001 MOTOMECCANICA has been operating in a new plant of 6000 smq on an area of 12.000 sqm in Povegliano Veronese (Verona).


  • Standard and special parallel and right-angle speed reducers ranging from 200 daNm to 100.000 daNm
  • Planetary gear units and gear motors
  • Speed increasers
  • Brakes
  • 2/3/4 speed gearboxes
  • Complete units
  • Joints
  • Screw jacks