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Oerlikon Graziano is responsible for the development and the production of a wide range of transmissions, acting as Tier 1 full system supplier for complex driveline systems in automotive, off-highway and shifting solutions fields. Oerlikon Graziano has internal capabilities to fully develop complex systems including the “base transmission”, that is mechanical design (FMEA, CAD, FEM, dynamic modelling, modal analysis), prototype manufacturing with dedicated machines, prototype assembly in controlled environment and testing (functional, structural and synchronizer tests, lubrication analysis on programmable tilting rig, under load contact pattern, NVH measurement, climatic test with temperature profile from -40°C to 130°C). Oerlikon Graziano competences include also hydraulic and controls/calibration skills, thanks to the cooperation with the controlled UK company VOCIS, specialized in transmission and driveline control system engineering. Oerlikon Graziano is actively working on EC funded programs and prepared several papers presented in the most renowned congress and symposia (SAE, CTI, AVEC, IEEE). As member of GearLab (Ohio University), it has also access to the up to date SW for gear analysis as well as regular contacts with the community of gear manufacturers.