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SAMP S.p.A. represents the pole of mechanical activities within the Maccaferri Industrial Group.Sampingranaggi is one of the four companies of the SAMP Group, a company founded in 1936 in Bologna, which since 2009 has brought together all European production sites within the new Technology Centre located in Bentivoglio, near Bologna. Here we design and manufacture high precision gears thanks to investments in modern equipment and specialized staff, able to develop innovative and customized solutions. Innovation is a result of the close cooperation with our customers, of our listening to their needs in order to develop cutting-edge ideas. Moreover, the growing cooperation with our subsidiaries in Germany, France, China, South Korea, Brazil and the U.S.A. give the company an international dimension and more opportunities to develop. Sampingranaggi cylindrical gears are the perfect solution when high precision and low noise requirements are needed in power transmissions. Also special works such as internal teeth grinding are possible within cylindrical parts. Sampingranaggi ground bevel sets meet the most demanding specifications in terms of repetitive movements, high speeds and irregular loads. Finally, lapped bevels sets are a reliable alternative in case of applications that do not require the standards of the ground version.

Sampingranaggi manufactures also rotors for applications with and without oil bath, as well as parallel shaft gearboxes, helical bevel gear reducers and planetary gearboxes.

The broad spectrum of manufacturing and the specificity of our products allow them to be used in various business fields such as robotics, textile, construction and rail, pumps and compressors.

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, UNI EN ISO 14001:2004