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With the launch of Simatic S7-1500, Siemens has introduced a controller family of the next generation for medium to high-end machine and plant automation. The new generation of controllers is characterized by high performance and efficiency. Its characteristic features include outstanding system performance and a host of functions integrated as standard, including Motion Control, Security for maximum possible plant security, and Safety for safety applications that are easy to implement. Greater efficiency is represented in particular by the innovative design for simple commissioning and safe operation, the configurable diagnostic functions for the plant status and the integration into the TIA Portal for simple engineering and low project costs.The new generation of Simatic S7-1500 controllers is being launched on the market in stages. Initially, the portfolio will comprise the three CPU types 1511, 1513 and 1516 for the medium performance range, each also available as a F-version (failsafe) for safety applications, with graded performance features. These differ, for example, in the number of interfaces, bit performance and the size of the display and data memory. The new controller generation Simatic S7-1500 expands the range of Siemens controller with two new Failsafe CPUs. Failsafe CPUs are designed for high-level applications: CPU 1518-4 F-PN/DP and 1516-3F-PN/DP. CPU 1515-2 PN is designed for mid-level applications in machine and plant automation.

CPU 1518-4PN/DP is now the most powerful device in the controller range and is intended for high-end applications. In addition, the new firmware V1.5 is available for the existing CPUs. This firmware considerably extends the functionality of all S7-1500 controllers, for example with option handling in a central configuration or the first steps for team engineering. CPU 1518-4PN/DP is now the most powerful device in the controller range and is intended for high-end applications. Failsafe CPUs have different performance levels: CPU 1517F is suitable for average to sophisticated safety applications, while the CPUs 1511F, 1513F and 1515F are designed for less complex tasks. For the first time there are two fail-safe CPUs available for the Simatic S7-1200 Basic Controller in the form of the 1214FC and 1215FC, in addition to a whole series of fail-safe I/O modules. This considerably enhanced Siemens offer for Safety Integrated is supplemented by the first 1510SP F and 1512SP F CPUs for modular, fail-safe automation with distributed controllers. Siemens has now included PC-based automation in its offering for the current generation of Simatic controllers: the CPU 1507S software controller for PC-based automation with Simatic Industrial PCs, based on the Simatic S7-1500. A new distributed controller family member especially suitable for series machine manufacture is the compact Simatic ET 200SP Open Controller. It combines the functions of a PC-based software controller with visualization, Windows applications and central I/O in a single, compact device.