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  • Lean Management Consultancy

CONSULTANCY. From Turnaround to Top-Performance. With our background as executives in benchmark companies, we are most familiar with the strategies and methods that spell the difference between an excellent and an average enterprise. We are not only familiar with the key factors that are crucial for your success, but also know how to implement these in companies with lasting effect. In a manner that is clear, quantifiable and capable of being understood by all involved parties. Our consultants ensure in collaboration with you that your operational results and your cash-flow see a lasting positive development, that your company is excellently positioned in terms of functions and processes.

ACADEMY. Lean know-how – the stuff you need to develop your company: Seeing. Learning. Acting. Living.

Lean Transformation in theory, but most of all in practice – that is the central theme of our seminars, in-house-training, factory visits and professional dialogues with experts and practitioners. The essential notion

behind this approach is our method approach: Seeing. Learning. Acting. Living. The best way to teach is the active inclusion of model processes and routines. “Active inclusion” in our understanding means first of all experiencing and understanding first-hand how top companies operate. Learning how to apply this intuitive knowledge is our academy philosophy.