STAUFEN.Italia – Company

  • Lean Management Consultancy

STAUFEN. is an international Lean Management consultancy, founded 20 years ago in Germany, with offices in Italy, China, Switzerland, Poland, Brazil, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia.

STAUFEN. is specializes in the development of the Lean Enterprise, through articulated processes of Lean Transformation . The target of these interventions is have a strong effect on the economic results of the company; they are made up of phases of change «simple», as it related to the introduction of logics and tools become well known (standard work, flow, pull, etc.) and from most difficult phases, as soft aspects and related to the development of so-called Lean Thinking


  • Lean Turnaround
  • Lean Sales
  • Lean Innovation
  • Lean Development
  • Lean Production
  • Lean Purchasing
  • Lean Office
  • Quality Excellence
  • Lean Leadership
  • ShopFloor Management