VUOTOTECNICA® S.r.l. – Company

  • Vacuum Components

Vuototecnica is a leading company in technologies for the creation and management of vacuum, since it was founded, in the mid-seventies. The headquarters, in Beverate di Brivio (LC), have classrooms and spaces which are specially designed to facilitate the dissemination of knowledge and a direct relationship between the production and the products application fields. There are many industries to whom Vuototecnica dedicates its expertise: automotive, glass industry, automation, food processing, logistics, graphic and printing sector, renewable energy, wood industry, shipbuilding, packaging, construction, and more. The purpose is to offer customers solutions to problems, communicating directly with distributors and experienced partners, selected throughout the country and around the world. Vuototecnica offers the best solutions in a changing market, which requires tailor-made products.


  • Vacuum cups
  • Vacuum cup holders
  • Instruments for vacuum measurement, checking and adjustment
  • Vacuum valves and solenoid valves
  • Suction filters
  • Fittings and hose for vacuum
  • Vacuum pumps and pumpset
  • Vacuum generators and pneumatic pumpsets
  • The OCTOPUS Vacuum Lifting System
  • Graphic Division
  • Multi-function vacuum generators